Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Special Vistor

Hello everyone!! I had a visitor today. You are not going to believe who it was!! It was the girl that came and got me out of the horrible place they call animal control. She picked me up there then took me to a vet in a near by town where I had to stay for two nights. She came back and picked me up there. We drove for over five hours to meet my foster humom. She helped save my life!!!! When I saw her, I knew I knew her. When she got closer, I remembered her. At first, I thought she might be going to take me away, but humom help me get over that. I then gave her many kisses of thanks. Humom thanked her a bunch too!! It was good to see her again. It kind of made me feel even more at home. Speaking of home. Humom made us a family page! It feels so good to say family page!! Please go and see our FAMILY PAGE . I am so excited about it.Take care my friends. Love to all!!