Saturday, April 26, 2008

First Round of Heartworm Treatment

My first round of HW treatment was done on Thursday April 24th. I am home now. I had to say in the hospital overnight. Whew!!! I was afraid my humom was not going to come back for me, but she did.
When we got home, I was so happy to see everyone. Lakota was happy to see me. I could tell!!
Then my humom put me in this box! I just could not understand this. I heard he tell her friend, I was going to have to stay in here for a month! Then I heard her say, I was going to have to go back to the vet and do it all over again.
I am starting to get a little depressed. My humom lets me come out and sit by her when she is watching TV, but she keeps a leash on me.
At night I do get to sleep in my bed in the bedroom with the door shut.
Humom says I am doing great. I will just be so glad when this is over. I thank my humom will too.
I guess I will just lie here and think about the happy life I have coming. I cannot wait!!
Please keep all your dogs on HW preventative!!
My humom started a petition for me. She said it is to try and get justice for the horrible things I had to endure. Please sign it for her. Here is the link:
Thank you!! Hannah:)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Justice for Hannah

My life so far would of read like a tragedy until very recent days. Brought in at four years of age to be euthanized. Pregnant, starving, flat footed, full of heartworm and despair, I gave birth to three stillborn pups. I was rescued by angel foster mom Molly of a GSD rescue group and adopted by new humom Wanda. Through all of this there was an investigation. With rumors swirling that her previous owner was tied to the law enforcement and K9 unit, we were anxious for answers and updates. We have so far been given hardly anything besides many unreturned emails and calls or to contact someone else who has also ignored our requests. We are even more concerned because this man supposedly has other dogs in his possession including one to replace me as the "puppy maker". There is a media station that is interested in my story. I would like them to know the concern for myself and those living in conditions like I did, reaches far past Georgia where I live and that we would like to know if anything will be done about it or is it simply accepted to have innocents pay for such misdeeds.
Please use the power of the paw and hand and email the reporters at the news station provided with the link below, let them know your concern and include your state to show how far this concern and support extends. If you click on the reporters' bios their emails are provided and many you will see they have their own dogs and are dog lovers. My friend Lena Malik suggests you mention this notice as she also reminded them of the recent national media attention on puppy mills and unethical breeding by Oprah. To simplify things she emailed the main reporter and "cc:" the other reporters and producers. This is where the efforts of many to voice their concerns could really make a difference. Thank you, we continue to seek justice! Hannah & family
Report for Hannah

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Counting down the days

Life like I never knew possible. I have a family and a place to call home. Wake up each day to humom greeting me and set to slumber in the midst of my furkin with a gentle touch and kind word. Simple daily routines I marvel at, like going for walks. Seeing new sights, sniffing and listening to the world around me, all these new, wondrous adventures! Some people may forget I am a young dog but I need to build my muscle, my strength and stamina. I am working on not being so flat footed and chasing confidence with the support of my humom and family. My vet has decided to move my heart worm treatment up. The case is severe and I must tackle this hurdle as soon as possible. The date for the first treatment process is April 21st, please keep us in your thoughts. I know humom is probably more anxious than I. I love this new life and we need to ensure I will have the best possible chance to live it the way I should. I like many others are a constant reminder how people can prevent such medical challenges if they simply hold up to their responsibilities and provide vet care to the pets that depend on them. With the generous donations and gifts from friends and concerned people & pups, my humom is able to amend my own experience with neglect.
Although I knew years of sadness and mistreatment, it has only taken weeks for me to trust and accept new possibilities of life. Us animals may be at the receiving end of some of the ugliest human actions but we also are willing to hope and believe in human kindness and love. Thank you friends for helping me see this is possible.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Barking more and more!!

I am starting to feel comfortable in my new home. Everyone's love is making me stronger each day.Today, I am feeling more at ease with my voice. Each time Lakota barks, I feel the need to bark. It feels wonderful!!! Now if I can only stop my humom from crying each time I bark...BOL I even gave my new humom a kiss on the face. You know what she did? Yep you are right. She cried again. She says not to worry. It is only tears of joy. My new humom has to go back to work tomorrow. I know I will miss her, but I am glad I have Lakota and Faith with me. She told me she wishes she could just stay at home with me. Take care my friends!!

Trip to my new Vet

My vet visit is now behind me. My humom was very happy when we left the vet. She said everything went really well there. I do not know what she is talking about. I hated it! I was mad a my humom all the way home. I am over it now tho.The vet said I look really good. My heart and lungs looked great on the xrays. I had another HW test. The baby HW test was negative, but the adult one was a strong positive. The vet moved my HW treatment up to April the 21. I am really nervous about it. Everyone is telling me not to worry, but it is hard not to. I was not sure where I was headed after that vet. I was so glad to see I returned to my new home! Love to to all!

Monday, April 7, 2008

I found my voice today!!!

**********I know I will learn how to smile soon.************

Hello to all my wonderful pals. My new family and I was getting ready to go for a walk. There was this strange dog coming down our street. Lakota (my fursis) was going crazy barking. That is when it just came out. I barked twice!!! I tried to bark more, but it just would not come. My humom said not to worry, more will come in time. She was so happy she started to cry!!

Please check my dogster photo book. My humom has put a few more pictures of me there. She has been just going crazy with the flashing thing!!

Tonight, I just was not hungry. I ate good this morning, though this evening I just pushed my food around in my bowl with my nose. Then I flipped my bowl over with my nose. My humom said " Hannah do you not like you food here?". I like it fine cause I ate it this morning and last night. I just was not hungry....which feels good.

Well that's all for now. I will let you know about my trip to my new vet fares. Take care my pals. I love all of you, your thoughts & support really does matter to this thankful pup!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

So much joy....

All the friends I have made, the strength & love others have bestowed on me, forever my humom and I will be grateful. Thank you for taking the time to send me a kind word and encouragement, for befriending me, gifting me and most importantly making me feel validated in this big, big world even though I am just a dog. I feel I am being gifted with all this kindness I never knew existed to teach me a lesson and prove to others that one who never gives up and simply wants a place in the world can cling to the belief that there are sunny days ahead when you least expect it.
Today I went home, finally find myself in my forever home and an acknowledged family member. I will update tomorrow and leave you with this one last more joins you pups that slumber safely within the compounds of a loving pack, I am one of the fortunate that knows I can sleep safe this night and many more to come. I feel very blessed. Thank you all!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The journey home

I know my humom and friends are anxious to hear an update in the ongoing investigation. So far no word. People have been kind enough to write to the sheriff, lead investigator and county chairman on my behalf. I will relay whatever news comes my way.

I will be leaving my foster home and going to my new family on April 5th. It will truly feel like spring for me, a new chance, a new beginning with humans and furkins to call my own.

I have a vet appointment on Monday and I know my new humom and vet will make the best plans for my recovery.
The treatment is not going to be the quick kill kind. Is is much safer and for me it is the best cause I have been through so much. I will get a lot of blood work, x rays, then my humom and Dr. will talk. When my treatment begins I will have to stay in the hospital for 2 day. Then when I have the next round I will again be in the hospital. My humom could get the quick kill treatment done for about 300.00. She wants to go the safer route so I will get close care. She says I need this cause I have been in such bad condition. She was quoted the cost would be between 670.00 and 750.00. She will be getting a 10% discount off that cause I am a rescued dog. The clinic is Winder Corners Animal Clinic in Winder, Georgia. Although most of us pups dislike going to the vet I know I am very lucky to have this life saving opportunity.
When I was taken into the shelter, I was pregnant. Due to my poor health I gave birth to three still born pups. Fate could not change this event but hopefully it will be the end of my loss and sadness. A friend wrote a tribute for me and my lost babes and I find comfort in knowing one day I will be reunited with them.

"Rainbow Bridge's Special Delivery" by Lena Malik

What must have crossed your mind sweet Hannah, fighting to live yet trying to nourish your unborn. To give finally give birth and yet not hear whimpers or see movement for you patience and pain. Let me try to explain dear friend, Hannah the brave.

We all know of the Rainbow Bridge we will cross in our given time. We know beyond it is filled with dogs of all breeds, backgrounds and dispositions. There are dogs of all ages there that miraculously are bestowed the health they had as young, strong pups ready for anything and the endless possibilities of adventures and experiences.
But there is an occasion, few below the clouds know about because it is rarely shared. It is such a special occasion that it heralds all the pups to the gate. Making the trek from vast fields takes hours, perhaps even days but all hear the twinkling bells of the highest chorus that a special entry awaits. At the front of the line gather mother pups and matriarchs. Their balance of patience and nurture allows them to lead the welcome of all dogs waiting at the gates.
On the other side, behold, a basket. Tucked into the blanket are three tiny pups. Huddled together for safety and warmth with eyes still shut and warm puppy breaths. The gates open and the dogs move forward, silently and stoically for they know the gift presented here. These are the purest of souls, shaped on earth with a glimmer of time they were whisked away up towards the heavens. Because everyone knows who has ever befriended a dog that they seek to be a part of a family...what is family without the young and old. And all who have taken the time to know a dog recognizes how all guards are lowered when pups are involved. Over the Rainbow Bridge cannot be whole without the presence of newborn pups. For those who have lost their own at first breath, for those awaiting their children below, for those who battle trusting other grown dogs and those who wished to nurture, teach and guide. Their heaven would not be complete without such special gifts as pups who's journey was destined straight through the Rainbow Bridge. Don't worry Hannah, your babes will recognize you when they greet you at your time. And they will have the love and guidance of the dogs who have crossed and await with them for the most special homecoming and family reunion. So although we grieve such newfound loss on earth, high above a special gift awaits and will be treasured.

Hannah finds hope

My name is Hannah and I have a story to share. Although it continues to be written I can share what has transpired and the hopeful future I look to longingly. Sadly my case is not unique but with the help of kind people and the support of many perhaps I will give others hope and inspiration as well.
Thank you for visiting me, for taking the time to hear my story. It is only by the kindness of others I find the possibility of living happily and safely in a loving and nurturing home.

Hannah's story (by her new humom)

Hannah was owned by a law enforcement K-9 handler. He obtained Hannah for breeding purposes only. He began breeding her at a very young age. He sold the pups to make money. Hannah was starved and who knows what else. She was kept confined to the point that all her muscles atrophied. After so much breeding and abuse, she was no longer any good to him . He took her to the local animal control to be euthanized. She gave birth to 3 still born pups at the shelter. Thank goodness word got out and Southern Cross German Shepherd took her in. Hannah was in very bad shape. She was taken to the vet. As soon as she got enough strength she was spayed. When her uterus was removed it was full of cystic nodules. She also tested a very strong heartworm positive and must undergo treatment as soon as she is strong enough. I heard about her through a friend. I wanted to take some much needed supplies to the rescue group that rescued her. That is when I met Hannah. She stole my heart. To have gone though what she has she is still so very sweet with so much love to give. I want do give her a normal life for the rest of her life. Lakota (soon to be furkin) will teach her how to be a dog. She has yet to bark. It is her time now!!