Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Barking more and more!!

I am starting to feel comfortable in my new home. Everyone's love is making me stronger each day.Today, I am feeling more at ease with my voice. Each time Lakota barks, I feel the need to bark. It feels wonderful!!! Now if I can only stop my humom from crying each time I bark...BOL I even gave my new humom a kiss on the face. You know what she did? Yep you are right. She cried again. She says not to worry. It is only tears of joy. My new humom has to go back to work tomorrow. I know I will miss her, but I am glad I have Lakota and Faith with me. She told me she wishes she could just stay at home with me. Take care my friends!!

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Lovintigeress said...

Precious. Your a nice looking dog Hannah and you deserve the best. Your new family sounds like they love you more than you could have possibly imagined. Lucky You!!! and Them...~hugs~ Kell the pit bull rescuer.