Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hannah finds hope

My name is Hannah and I have a story to share. Although it continues to be written I can share what has transpired and the hopeful future I look to longingly. Sadly my case is not unique but with the help of kind people and the support of many perhaps I will give others hope and inspiration as well.
Thank you for visiting me, for taking the time to hear my story. It is only by the kindness of others I find the possibility of living happily and safely in a loving and nurturing home.

Hannah's story (by her new humom)

Hannah was owned by a law enforcement K-9 handler. He obtained Hannah for breeding purposes only. He began breeding her at a very young age. He sold the pups to make money. Hannah was starved and who knows what else. She was kept confined to the point that all her muscles atrophied. After so much breeding and abuse, she was no longer any good to him . He took her to the local animal control to be euthanized. She gave birth to 3 still born pups at the shelter. Thank goodness word got out and Southern Cross German Shepherd took her in. Hannah was in very bad shape. She was taken to the vet. As soon as she got enough strength she was spayed. When her uterus was removed it was full of cystic nodules. She also tested a very strong heartworm positive and must undergo treatment as soon as she is strong enough. I heard about her through a friend. I wanted to take some much needed supplies to the rescue group that rescued her. That is when I met Hannah. She stole my heart. To have gone though what she has she is still so very sweet with so much love to give. I want do give her a normal life for the rest of her life. Lakota (soon to be furkin) will teach her how to be a dog. She has yet to bark. It is her time now!!

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