Monday, April 7, 2008

I found my voice today!!!

**********I know I will learn how to smile soon.************

Hello to all my wonderful pals. My new family and I was getting ready to go for a walk. There was this strange dog coming down our street. Lakota (my fursis) was going crazy barking. That is when it just came out. I barked twice!!! I tried to bark more, but it just would not come. My humom said not to worry, more will come in time. She was so happy she started to cry!!

Please check my dogster photo book. My humom has put a few more pictures of me there. She has been just going crazy with the flashing thing!!

Tonight, I just was not hungry. I ate good this morning, though this evening I just pushed my food around in my bowl with my nose. Then I flipped my bowl over with my nose. My humom said " Hannah do you not like you food here?". I like it fine cause I ate it this morning and last night. I just was not hungry....which feels good.

Well that's all for now. I will let you know about my trip to my new vet fares. Take care my pals. I love all of you, your thoughts & support really does matter to this thankful pup!

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