Sunday, August 3, 2008


Arrival Story:
Phoenix was pick up by animal control in Paulding county Georgia. As you can tell, Phoenix had been on his own for quite sometime. He is a very tall boy, but only weighed in at 46 pds!! We do not know if he was left behind or just dumped by someone. His condition is typical of a puppy mill breeder dog. He is a perfect example that dogs CANNOT be left on their on and be expected to survive. He was then taken to the local animal shelter. Phoenix was there for 9 days. Finally his angel from Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue came for him. Phoenix is now in foster care with Southern Cross.Phoenix has a very long road to recovery. He is very underweight, ear and skin infections. Plus the poor guy, of course, tested HW positive. Phoenix, even in his condition, shows all the love he has to give. What is it going to take for the human race to wake up and do something about this kind and other animal abuse!!
Phoenix is now at the University of Georgia with pneumonia, but with his very strong will to live seems to be recovering. Please pray for him.

My visit to see my Molly!!

Guess where I went today???? I went to visit my foster humom for the first time since being at my furever home!! I had a great time. She was so glad to see me and I her. She told me I looked soooooo beautiful! Did not take me but a few minutes and I was right at home. I chewed on bones, went for walks around the home, saw all my pals there, and best of all, I got a lot of love from my Molly!!! It was a great day!