Friday, September 5, 2008

FINALLY!! Humom got some new photos of me. Now I have to get her to get some new ones of my fursisters. She has been so busy as of late. She is really driving me crazy! She runs around like mad when she is home. Oh, do not worry, she has time for me and my fursis. She tells us that we come first no matter what!I am doing so great! Do you think I look beautiful?? Humom is always telling me I do.I have really learned what it is like to be a member of a family. I have my own bed, my own box, my very own FOOD BOWL AND WATER BOWL, but best of all I have learned what it is like to love and be loved. I even get to get on my humoms bed! She will lay beside me and pet and love me. This is my very favorite time of the day! Sometimes I have trouble getting that little Cocker Faith out of the way...BOL.We go to the park alot too!! I really love it there. There is a lake and trails in the woods there. We go for long walks there with my fursisters.I always see the funniest thing tho. People all standing around with these long poles in their hands. The poles have strings on them too. Humom tells me they are fishing for fish. She tells me the fish they catch looks like the sardines I get at dinner only bigger. WOW!! I think, but I can not have them. She tells me they are the kind humans eat. I have learned so much and still learning each day.