Saturday, January 10, 2009

Monday, November 10, 2008

I have not written in my blog about me and my life for a while now. I thought it was time. We have been so busy trying to help pups like Phoenix and Atticus. Seeing them has made me see how really lucky I have been. Tonight, I am running around my home playing with my many toys. Humom just put one of those bandannas with my name on it on my collar for me. My pals Indy and Sasha sent them to me a while back. I really love them so much. I feel so good now. Humom tells me I smile all the time. I do!! She also tells me how beautiful I am. I have great fursis too! Lakota has taught me so much. I have learned to love and be loved. Most of all, I have learned to trust. I am always seeing my humom looking at me smiling. I think I make her happy. I have made so many wonderful friends. I never thought I would be where I am today. It will be one year coming early 2009. I have come so far. I will be going this month to get my heartworm test done. I know they are all gone, but you know humans. They have to be so picky! I know it is because I am loved. I cannot believe I am saying this. I am loved!!! Who would have thought one year ago I would be saying this. It feels wonderful!!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

FINALLY!! Humom got some new photos of me. Now I have to get her to get some new ones of my fursisters. She has been so busy as of late. She is really driving me crazy! She runs around like mad when she is home. Oh, do not worry, she has time for me and my fursis. She tells us that we come first no matter what!I am doing so great! Do you think I look beautiful?? Humom is always telling me I do.I have really learned what it is like to be a member of a family. I have my own bed, my own box, my very own FOOD BOWL AND WATER BOWL, but best of all I have learned what it is like to love and be loved. I even get to get on my humoms bed! She will lay beside me and pet and love me. This is my very favorite time of the day! Sometimes I have trouble getting that little Cocker Faith out of the way...BOL.We go to the park alot too!! I really love it there. There is a lake and trails in the woods there. We go for long walks there with my fursisters.I always see the funniest thing tho. People all standing around with these long poles in their hands. The poles have strings on them too. Humom tells me they are fishing for fish. She tells me the fish they catch looks like the sardines I get at dinner only bigger. WOW!! I think, but I can not have them. She tells me they are the kind humans eat. I have learned so much and still learning each day.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Arrival Story:
Phoenix was pick up by animal control in Paulding county Georgia. As you can tell, Phoenix had been on his own for quite sometime. He is a very tall boy, but only weighed in at 46 pds!! We do not know if he was left behind or just dumped by someone. His condition is typical of a puppy mill breeder dog. He is a perfect example that dogs CANNOT be left on their on and be expected to survive. He was then taken to the local animal shelter. Phoenix was there for 9 days. Finally his angel from Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue came for him. Phoenix is now in foster care with Southern Cross.Phoenix has a very long road to recovery. He is very underweight, ear and skin infections. Plus the poor guy, of course, tested HW positive. Phoenix, even in his condition, shows all the love he has to give. What is it going to take for the human race to wake up and do something about this kind and other animal abuse!!
Phoenix is now at the University of Georgia with pneumonia, but with his very strong will to live seems to be recovering. Please pray for him.

My visit to see my Molly!!

Guess where I went today???? I went to visit my foster humom for the first time since being at my furever home!! I had a great time. She was so glad to see me and I her. She told me I looked soooooo beautiful! Did not take me but a few minutes and I was right at home. I chewed on bones, went for walks around the home, saw all my pals there, and best of all, I got a lot of love from my Molly!!! It was a great day!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Special Vistor

Hello everyone!! I had a visitor today. You are not going to believe who it was!! It was the girl that came and got me out of the horrible place they call animal control. She picked me up there then took me to a vet in a near by town where I had to stay for two nights. She came back and picked me up there. We drove for over five hours to meet my foster humom. She helped save my life!!!! When I saw her, I knew I knew her. When she got closer, I remembered her. At first, I thought she might be going to take me away, but humom help me get over that. I then gave her many kisses of thanks. Humom thanked her a bunch too!! It was good to see her again. It kind of made me feel even more at home. Speaking of home. Humom made us a family page! It feels so good to say family page!! Please go and see our FAMILY PAGE . I am so excited about it.Take care my friends. Love to all!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We went on our first walk out of the BOX! Plus we had a pawty. I sure had so much fun and did so well. Humom and I know I am going to be just fine now. With me now ready to start a new exciting life, I have something to say. I went through so very much. Everyone has been such a friend and so very kind to me and my humom. I am one of the lucky ones! As you know, I have been through alot, but I have made it. You know why?? It is because I never lost hope. Even when I was at the shelter. So very sick and sad. I had just lost my pups. It looked like I was about to loose my life. Through all of this, some place very deep down inside, I still held a small glimmer of hope. Some humans at the shelter talked to me so kind, but I knew it was almost over. Even with this, I would very slighty still wag my tail. This is how humans can tell if we have any hope left in us. I got lucky and you know the rest of the story. Some are not so lucky! So many pups are still wagging their tail till the end. They still have hopes to play and mostly just to have some human to love. Really makes no sense. Such a desire to love the very one who hurts us. It is only who we are and what we do. We are really angels of love. I am so lucky to be where I am, but sad for the ones who left this world hoping.Thanks all of you. Love to all!!