Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Treatment Is Done!!!

Hello everyone. I am BACK HOME! I got home Sat. around 10am. When I got home my tummy began to get upset. I start to feel safe at my new home, then the next thing I know, I am back at that strange scary place. There are a lot of dogs barking and strange people all around there. These strange people poke me with sharp things. I get really afraid my humom is not coming back for me. This is why my tummy gets so upset. Humom had some meds for me this time, so I am feeling much better. I am back in that box. Humom said only one month! It is going to be a long month!!I have two big shaved spots on my back. This is where they poked me with those sharp things. Humom is calling them my racing stripes. She said she is going to take a photo of them cause they look so funny. I am doing good. I stay really thirsty. I just want to drink and drink. They say that is from the HW treatment meds. I will drink until I get sick, but humom stops me before that happens. I am eating good now that I am home. The strange people did not make my food right. I would get so mad about it. I tried telling them about it by spilling my food. They just would not listen. Humom says I have to get back in the box. I will let you know how it is going. Take care my friends!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Last Vet Trip And The Mean Man

I am feeling so good these days. My humom told I would be going back to the vet this coming Thursday. She said she has to make sure those horrible HW are all gone. I told her, please believe me, they are gone. She said we cannot be sure, so I must go back one last time. I will have to stay TWO NIGHTS this time. I really am dreading that.I worry my humom is not coming back for me. Last time, I got so worried I got sick. My humom told me, I never have to ever worry about that. She said she would never leave me. She is always telling me how much she loves me. This makes me feel some better about it, but I am still afraid.One thing that has been so good about all of this is, I have gotten so many cool things to chew on. You see, I love to chew on stuff. My humom tells me when the treatment is all done she is going to take me to a big store. One that is just for us animals. I never knew there was a store like that. She said I could pick out anything I wanted. WOW!! I can hardly wait for that. I am going to get all kinds of things to chew.She said Lakota and Faith would be coming too. I guess we cannot leave my fursis out.She said we would also go to something called a dog park. A park for just us dogs?? I can hardly believe it. My new life is going to be so great as soon as the horrible HW are gone. I will let you know how it goes at the vet.
My humom and I have some bad news The mean man that took me to AC to be put to my death will not be charged. My humom and I are very saddend by this. They may be investigating the man that had me before the mean man. He was mean too. I have never had a good life until now. I am so happy and ready to run and play. If you want to read the story about the mean man getting away, here is the link: http://www.wtoc.com/Global/story.asp?s=8293079
Thank s to everyone for all their time spent helping humom try and get justice for me. We are hoping it is not over yet!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Waiting To Get Out Of The Box

Whew!!! I am getting so tried of my humom keeping me in this box. She tells me it is for my safety. That I could get real sick if I move around to much.
I have to believe her. You see, I got really sick about three days after I got my first HW treatment shot. My tummy was all messed up. I am so much better now. I just want to play and play with my fursis. I have heard I have about seven more weeks of this. If I am not in the box, my humom has me on a leash at all times. My humom says, I am her right arm, not to worry.
My humom is looking kind of tired. She has been working really hard writng letters etc. She wants justice not just for me, but for all dogs that have met such horrible fates as I have and prevent as many in the future. She will be just fine after a good nights sleep.
I want to thank everyone that has or is planning on signing my petition for justice and spreading the word. Every signature counts and touches us deeply for the show of concern and outrage.
We have been so blessed to have met so many wonderful people. The kindness we have received has been so wonderful and gives us courage to continue pressing forward in demanding answers and justice!

We are going to try and get on this talk radio show tomorrow. The station is called blog talk radio. The show is the Pawscause, hosted by Leigh Foster. Better known as DJ Ice. She has offered to get our story out all around the world. My humom just does not understand what the media is so afraid of. Reporters seem interested in my story at first, then they seem to get scared away by someone or something. Humom says if this person or persons does not get what is coming to them at least everyone will know about it. She says you know how karma works!
This is the link to the radio show:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thepawzcauze
Check it out tomorrow. The show time is 4:30 we think. We are going to start calling early. We do not want to miss it.
Humom is going to try and get some new pictures of me this weekend. She will be posting a couple soon.
I am off to have my dinner now. I cannot even eat my dinner of the leash...BOL
Take care and PLEASE remember you HW monthly treat!!!
I want to also ask you to please visit and sign this petition for yet another case of K-9 handler abuse: