Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Treatment Is Done!!!

Hello everyone. I am BACK HOME! I got home Sat. around 10am. When I got home my tummy began to get upset. I start to feel safe at my new home, then the next thing I know, I am back at that strange scary place. There are a lot of dogs barking and strange people all around there. These strange people poke me with sharp things. I get really afraid my humom is not coming back for me. This is why my tummy gets so upset. Humom had some meds for me this time, so I am feeling much better. I am back in that box. Humom said only one month! It is going to be a long month!!I have two big shaved spots on my back. This is where they poked me with those sharp things. Humom is calling them my racing stripes. She said she is going to take a photo of them cause they look so funny. I am doing good. I stay really thirsty. I just want to drink and drink. They say that is from the HW treatment meds. I will drink until I get sick, but humom stops me before that happens. I am eating good now that I am home. The strange people did not make my food right. I would get so mad about it. I tried telling them about it by spilling my food. They just would not listen. Humom says I have to get back in the box. I will let you know how it is going. Take care my friends!!

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