Saturday, June 7, 2008


I only have 15 more days!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait until this is all behind me. I am doing really well and full of energy. I am giving my humom a really hard time. She wants me to be calm. I want to run like the wind. I guess it is because I have never been able to really run or even walk free.My humom has all kinds of fun plans for me and I can hardly wait!! It is getting really hot here. I am so glad I live with AC now...BOL. It feels so good to come in from the hot and get cool so fast. I was dreaming in my sleep today. My humom said I was crying. She said she wishes she new what bad thing I was dreaming about. I have forgotten it now. I am still a bit afraid of new people. My humom friend was over today. I like her, but I just am not so sure yet. I hope I did not hurt her feeling. I will get better cause I have already improved so much,I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the summer. I will be talking to all of you later. Love to all!!

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