Saturday, April 19, 2008

Justice for Hannah

My life so far would of read like a tragedy until very recent days. Brought in at four years of age to be euthanized. Pregnant, starving, flat footed, full of heartworm and despair, I gave birth to three stillborn pups. I was rescued by angel foster mom Molly of a GSD rescue group and adopted by new humom Wanda. Through all of this there was an investigation. With rumors swirling that her previous owner was tied to the law enforcement and K9 unit, we were anxious for answers and updates. We have so far been given hardly anything besides many unreturned emails and calls or to contact someone else who has also ignored our requests. We are even more concerned because this man supposedly has other dogs in his possession including one to replace me as the "puppy maker". There is a media station that is interested in my story. I would like them to know the concern for myself and those living in conditions like I did, reaches far past Georgia where I live and that we would like to know if anything will be done about it or is it simply accepted to have innocents pay for such misdeeds.
Please use the power of the paw and hand and email the reporters at the news station provided with the link below, let them know your concern and include your state to show how far this concern and support extends. If you click on the reporters' bios their emails are provided and many you will see they have their own dogs and are dog lovers. My friend Lena Malik suggests you mention this notice as she also reminded them of the recent national media attention on puppy mills and unethical breeding by Oprah. To simplify things she emailed the main reporter and "cc:" the other reporters and producers. This is where the efforts of many to voice their concerns could really make a difference. Thank you, we continue to seek justice! Hannah & family
Report for Hannah


bewitched said...

You are a hero for taking in this poor dog. It sounds like poor Hannah is a product of a puppy mill that is hiding behind a badge and the local paper is either too cold to care or plain scared!
Oprah recently did a whole show exposing puppy mills and maybe you sould try to contact her show and they may be willing to help poor Hannah finally have her voice heard. It cannot hurt to try!

Jaime said...

I agree with previous reader. You have fully secured your place in Heaven by taking Hannah in. What you have done is absolutely wonderful. Hannah deserves a lifetime full of love, cuddles and happiness.

As updates on her story become available, or as any further informatiion on the perpetrators becomes available, please keep us updated. I will cross post anything about dear Hannah on my blog. (

We love you Hannah and you, too HuMom!