Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Counting down the days

Life like I never knew possible. I have a family and a place to call home. Wake up each day to humom greeting me and set to slumber in the midst of my furkin with a gentle touch and kind word. Simple daily routines I marvel at, like going for walks. Seeing new sights, sniffing and listening to the world around me, all these new, wondrous adventures! Some people may forget I am a young dog but I need to build my muscle, my strength and stamina. I am working on not being so flat footed and chasing confidence with the support of my humom and family. My vet has decided to move my heart worm treatment up. The case is severe and I must tackle this hurdle as soon as possible. The date for the first treatment process is April 21st, please keep us in your thoughts. I know humom is probably more anxious than I. I love this new life and we need to ensure I will have the best possible chance to live it the way I should. I like many others are a constant reminder how people can prevent such medical challenges if they simply hold up to their responsibilities and provide vet care to the pets that depend on them. With the generous donations and gifts from friends and concerned people & pups, my humom is able to amend my own experience with neglect.
Although I knew years of sadness and mistreatment, it has only taken weeks for me to trust and accept new possibilities of life. Us animals may be at the receiving end of some of the ugliest human actions but we also are willing to hope and believe in human kindness and love. Thank you friends for helping me see this is possible.

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graywolf said...

You have only started to enjoy real life- beautiful girl-the best is yet to come. Everything from here on is nothing but wonderful and full of love. You have no idea how many people and pups are wishing the very best for you-your sisfur and Mom.