Saturday, April 26, 2008

First Round of Heartworm Treatment

My first round of HW treatment was done on Thursday April 24th. I am home now. I had to say in the hospital overnight. Whew!!! I was afraid my humom was not going to come back for me, but she did.
When we got home, I was so happy to see everyone. Lakota was happy to see me. I could tell!!
Then my humom put me in this box! I just could not understand this. I heard he tell her friend, I was going to have to stay in here for a month! Then I heard her say, I was going to have to go back to the vet and do it all over again.
I am starting to get a little depressed. My humom lets me come out and sit by her when she is watching TV, but she keeps a leash on me.
At night I do get to sleep in my bed in the bedroom with the door shut.
Humom says I am doing great. I will just be so glad when this is over. I thank my humom will too.
I guess I will just lie here and think about the happy life I have coming. I cannot wait!!
Please keep all your dogs on HW preventative!!
My humom started a petition for me. She said it is to try and get justice for the horrible things I had to endure. Please sign it for her. Here is the link:
Thank you!! Hannah:)


thepawzcauze said...

I want to give this dog world wide coverage on my very popular show called The Pawz Cauze. Please contact me immediately to get you on the show. My live shows are done every Saturday from 2pm-4pm EST and is broadcast via AM, FM, XM, Sirius Satellite (in over 200 countries) and the Internet. Please visit to hear past shows. Feel free to just call in to the show to get her story out. The call in number is posted on the show's home page I listed above. Please give her lots of love from The Pawz Cauze Crew!

Pawz Up,
Leigh aka DJ Ice on RadioGetsWild.

Bridgett said...

Oh, Hannah, honey! We are so glad you found a good home. We want you to know there are many people thinking about you and are signing your humom's petition. We want justice for you, sweet girl.