Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We went on our first walk out of the BOX! Plus we had a pawty. I sure had so much fun and did so well. Humom and I know I am going to be just fine now. With me now ready to start a new exciting life, I have something to say. I went through so very much. Everyone has been such a friend and so very kind to me and my humom. I am one of the lucky ones! As you know, I have been through alot, but I have made it. You know why?? It is because I never lost hope. Even when I was at the shelter. So very sick and sad. I had just lost my pups. It looked like I was about to loose my life. Through all of this, some place very deep down inside, I still held a small glimmer of hope. Some humans at the shelter talked to me so kind, but I knew it was almost over. Even with this, I would very slighty still wag my tail. This is how humans can tell if we have any hope left in us. I got lucky and you know the rest of the story. Some are not so lucky! So many pups are still wagging their tail till the end. They still have hopes to play and mostly just to have some human to love. Really makes no sense. Such a desire to love the very one who hurts us. It is only who we are and what we do. We are really angels of love. I am so lucky to be where I am, but sad for the ones who left this world hoping.Thanks all of you. Love to all!!


jessie1912 said...

Hello. I am the girl who originally picked up Hannah from Animal Control and took her to my vet in Savannah. Then, I transported her from Savannah to Gainesville to meet Molly. I actually live in Winder/Bethlehem; I understand you live in Bethlehem as well. I would love to visit Hannah sometime and see for myself the drastic change she has made since the last time I saw her. You can email me at jessie1912@msn.com
I look forward to hearing from you. My name is Jessie Banford.I have some pictures of Hannah that you may or may not have and might like too. They're not pretty pictures suince she was so terrible looking in them, but it just further shows her great transformation.

Anonymous said...

Please get in touch with me Jessie!! lakota@uga.edu

micabelgianred said...

We met Hannah recently on Dogster. It's so hard, unthinkable really to realize that this gentle soul has had to endure so much pain and cruelty in what could and should have been a loving and happy existence. That she brings such joy to all she touches, just how on earth could this have possibly been?

It's shameful, among other things. What that cruel individual deserves is no less than jail time to start with.

Her new mom is quite a unique individual, who deserves mention. Not just anyone would open their heart and home to a dog in Hannah’s condition, but they did. In so doing, both lives have been enriched. Even in the short time we have known them, Hannah has taught many of us some hard lessons about mankind, yet never in judgment and with courage to spare.

God willing may you and your family be wealthy in the ways that matter, always. We feel proud and blessed to be among the many who regard you as friends.

Though we honestly wish that we could have met under opposite circumstances, here's to your new life Hannah the Brave! Live it long and live it fully, always with love. You have the home you deserved all along mate. Rest now, get well and enjoy every minute. Loving you from afar.

Your friends,
The purple girls of Oregon

Peg said...

So glad to read all the updates on Hannah....after not hearing back from you I was so concerned about what had happened....it is so shameful that the "bad man" is not going to be charged and that he was able to lie his way out of everything....but is is so wonderful to know that Hannah is now well and will have the wonderful, secure and well loved life she and all dogs deserve...God Bless your for all you energy, good works and tireless dedication...My best to you both. Just goes to show that one should never give up hope and that there is a place for every homeless, abandoned animal as long as people care and will get involved.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Peg!!!